Thursday, November 19, 2009


For the few out there that read this blog and listened to the podcasts, know that this is for you. What you know before is gone. I have taken everything down, because, like the coming of the seasons, there is a need for renewal and change. As winter comes to a beginning, I too must begin working hard on other things. The podcast still exists in the archive of information here and I can provide any of the files for those that want them, but I encourage you to not do so as I have little self-esteem to begin with.

Instead, this blog will be changing into something more serious, a look into the review process for everything, be they books, music, movies, everything. Add to it the personal commentary on whatever it is that I feel at the moment in a highly romanticized and over dramatized manner as, if you know me personally, is exactly what I am not.

So if you want to continue to read and follow me, by all means do so. I will not leave you in the dust, but know that there are changes to be made about the format and the tone of this blog. Once again, I thank you all for reading this as I do appreciate it, you are the reason as to why I do this. Your want to read this drives me further and further into continuing it. So, thank you and enjoy.

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Doctor Fear said...

I think we all need a reboot now and again.

Warm wishes, and best of luck on your future projects.

Do keep in touch.